Watch Jav on-line Kawashima who was invited to the director's domestic to overlook his daily paintings. It turned into my wife, Momomi who changed into incompatible with the director who greeted me. Kawashima who changed into disadvantaged of at a glance became enviously looking on the director couple looking at it. Boldly, even when stitching the distance that the director does no longer see! I feel apprehensive without thinking of a marvelous smile. Even then, the temptation of Mino discovered of the vicinity to stay, hugging the director asleep, ....日頃の労をねぎらうため部長の自宅に招かれた川嶋。出迎えてくれたのは、部長には不釣合いな美人妻・もなみだった。一目で心奪われた川嶋は、イチャつく部長夫婦を羨ましげに眺めていたが…。大胆なことに、部長が見ていない隙を縫ってもなみが誘惑してきた!妖艶な微笑みに思わずドキドキしてしまう。その後も、もなみの誘惑は留まるところを知らず、部長が寝たのを皮切りに抱きついてきて…。