Watch Jav Online The second series of SOD Lab series that seriously examines the question about sex. This time "Which is easier for women to feel strong and weak in electric? "Investigation. Subjects Fixing the body of female employees in various positions and continuing to give electric stimulus to female instruments When I tried it, I screamed! Drowning out of agony! The floor of the lab has become tide soaked!性についての疑問を真面目に検証していくSODラボシリーズ第2弾。今回は《電マの強と弱ではどちらが女性は感じやすいのか?》を調査。被験者女子社員の身体を様々な体勢で固定し、女性器へ電マ刺激を与え続ける実験を行ってみると、イキまくり絶叫!漏らしまくり悶絶!ラボの床が潮浸しになってしまいました! by