Kana De Riko. It is a name that seems likely to be sweets. Such Riko, it seems that he was not interested in sexuality so far. It is said that he was disliked the topic and was not able to keep up with his friends, as he was likely to be intrigued by sexuality that was likely to be eaten even by a trivial content. It has begun to be interested in suddenly recently, and the momentum is as if the sexual desire was sealed to something until now, and what accumulated in the accumulation was released at a stretch. It is said that it is the influence that it came to an AV appearance after thinking it suddenly. Yes, she is now "Lady Go Kana Riko" who is about to start her "sex" life after 30 days. Just want to have a snack お お お か ら 汁 juice from the 滲 こ from this oozes the panty. Finally ぽ is inserted into his own nakaka after hope, give a puppy-like cry that can be both pleasure and pleasure, shakes the milk and shakes the waist. If you look at this, you are sure to be cast in masturbation as you skip the reason like a beast. Are you ready for your tissue? Well, let's go lady!