Watch Jav on-line My school life receiving relentless bullying from magnificence DQN corps. such a daughter is likewise my preferred. Mikako is an honor scholar who has received a class on a fab basis from the military corps. it's far my only desire. As regular, when i used to be baptized by means of bullying, I heard a voice saying "Do no longer you get me wrong! Do you know that it is stupid?" Mikako-san helped! This became the moment while the corps' new target became determined ....クラスのDQN軍団から執拗なイジメを受けている僕の学校生活。そんな僕にも好きな娘はいる。軍団とは一線を置きクールに授業を受けている優等生のみかこさんだ。僕の唯一の希望だ。いつものようにイジメの洗礼を受けていると「ヤメなよ!ガキくさいってわかってるの?」と声が聞こえた。みかこさんが助けてくれた!これが軍団の新たなターゲットが決まった瞬間だった…。 by means of