Watch Jav Online เย็ด Sora who retired from the company on marriage. One day, after my husband got out, Fujioka, a former boss, casually visited on business. It was a pleasure to reunite and flower blooming in old tales, but suddenly Fujioka hugged just before returning. In Fujioka's caress, which licks each one of the resistant fingers licking and kisses and ties the tongue, the sky remembers pleasant feelings that have never felt before. A few days later, when Fujioka visited again, the body of the sky accepted Fujioka with nature ....結婚を機に会社を退職したそら。ある日、夫が出社後、元上司の藤岡が営業回りで偶然訪問して来た。再会を喜び昔話に花を咲かせていたそらだったが、帰り間際になって突然、藤岡が抱きついてきた。抵抗するそらの指の一本一本をじっとりと舐め上げ、キスをし舌を絡めていく藤岡の愛撫に、そらは今まで感じた事のない快感を覚えてしまうのだった。それから数日後、藤岡が再び訪ねて来ると、そらの体は自然と藤岡を受け入れて…。 by