Watch Jav Online Jav Cumshot One month since the last appearance. I could not forget the pleasure at that time and I came again today. I remembered that pleasure while comforting my body, I spent my days carefully. Today I was thinking about that all day. I want to do more. I want to do even more terrible today. I want to make a special contribution to the service to men who was always thinking but I could not do it. I was excited to think of such a thing. As a model I am constantly looking for maintenance of the body. Of course not only for eating and sleeping. It is very tiring when living while covering what you call desire. I am aware that it is also my identity. I like the existence of myself, I will not deny it. But there is a desire not to suppress only one.前回の出演から一ヶ月。その時の快感が忘れられずに今日もまた来てしまった。あの快感を思い出しながら自分の身体を慰める日々、悶々としながら日常を過ごしていた。今日は一日中そのことだけを考えていた。もっとしたい。今日は更に凄いことをしたい。いつも思いながらも出来ないでいた、男性へのご奉仕を思う存分したい。そんなことを思って興奮していた。モデルとして常に身体のメンテナンスには気をつけている。もちろん食生活にも睡眠にも。欲求と言うものに蓋をしながら生きていると、とても疲れる。ただそれが自分のアイデンティでもあるということは認識している by