films yes! modern delivery is again text_link_11 a newcomer Chan! Cecilia Scott's appearance! She got here with a apprehensive appearance text_link_8 saying that she turned into capturing for the text_link_23 first time. whilst you ask your age, what! i am 18 years vintage ~! moreover, she seems to be a scholar! nevertheless, it is a stunning face! after I concentrate to my first experience, 15 years vintage appears to be my first revel in, isn't it a laugh to be blonde? Of path Cecilia chan is the primary jap sword! i will simply experience the japanese fashion of consolation nowadays ~! cautiously study the body! you can see the primary publicly launched frame ~!はい!本日の配信は、またまたやってきました新人ちゃん!セシリア・スコットちゃんの登場っす!初めての撮影と言うことで緊張した様子でやってきた彼女。年齢を聞くと何と!18歳じゃありませんか~!しかも学生さんみたいっす~!それにしても綺麗な顔立ちだ!初めての経験を聞いてみると、15歳が初体験のようで、金髪さんにしては遅い方なのではないでしょうか!もちろん日本刀は初めてのセシリアちゃん!本日はじっくりと日本式の気持ち良さを体験していただきますよ~!じっくりと体観察編!初公開の体をじっくりとご覧いただけます~! by using