Watch Jav on-line Jukujo membership 6694 was launched in japan on 2017/02/22 "Uncensored drama of Yuki Tsukamoto (Chiyuki Makimoto), include 3 parts. existence of a wife, who lives in excessive-elegance residential area, is collapsed by means of a smartphone name… Her mother and father are listed billionaires raking. She should have the whole lot she wanted from her early age, and she or he were given married with a son of the president of overseas organization and she or he become continuing her fantastic lifestyles. at the component.2, she went to the grownup shop feeling abashed and she peed due to the '1969'. Now Yuki became seeking out a telephone call from unknown man without figuring out it. A vibrator and video camera changed into mailed to her domestic, and he or she became told by way of him to masturbate shooting herself. despite the fact that she masturbated avidly as he stated, next smartphone call from him changed into too unmerciful...Jukujo club 6694は2017/02/22に日本で発売されました「塚本幸之助の無修正ドラマは、3つの部分から構成されています。高級住宅地に住む妻の生活は、電話で崩壊します...両親は億万長者に襲われています。 彼女の幼い頃から、彼女は外国企業の社長の息子と結婚し、彼女は彼女の華麗な生活を続けていた。第2部では、彼女は大人の店に行きました、そして、彼女は '1969'のために激しさを感じました。 ユキは未知の人から電話を求めていた。バイブレーターとビデオカメラが家に郵送され、彼女は自ら撮影を自慰するように指示した。 彼女が言ったように彼女は熱心に自慰したが、彼からの次の電話はあまりにも凶悪だった... via