Watch Jav online This lead function is "Reiko Chan" with a peculiar environment. further to the unique individual of air of secrecy, phrase selection is likewise precise. It became a ordinary sexual trajectory from the first enjoy to the prevailing that talked lightly with that unusual sensibility. The boyfriend's habit of past love, the circumstances main as much as the first revel in at a manga cafe, electric powered cash sticking to the wide variety of revolutions, enjoy with a female, an uncommon request for pals, each of which are a bit unique from what an everyday lady spends girlfriend. but as i am talking about it, I see that she has vagina. Her experience may also be said to be the gospel that the thriller of the human frame delivered approximately. If that is what you are interested in, Mako. what's it like to say that there are two? in step with the story, it is divided into right and left, and every has traits. What intercourse will it's, and info of its vagina. All is included. Please check together with your eyes.今回の主役は不思議な雰囲気を持つ”玲子チャン”。オーラの独特さに加え言葉選びも独特。その一風変わった感性で淡々と話してくれたのは、初体験から現在に至るまでの奇妙な性の軌跡。初恋の彼氏の性癖、漫画喫茶での初体験に至る経緯、電マは回転数にこだわる、女性との経験、友人の変わったお願い、そのいずれもが通常の女性が過ごすものとは少し変わっている彼女。しかし話を進めている内に、彼女には膣が二つあるという事が明らかになります。彼女の体験も人体の神秘が齎した福音と言えるのかもしれません。となれば気になるのはそのマ○コ。二つあると言ってもどのようになっているのか。話によれば、右と左に分かれていてそれぞれに特性があるとの事。一体どんなセックスになるのか、そしてその膣の詳細。全て収録してあります。貴方の目で確かめて下さい。 through