Here are the actual conditions of holiday work and overtime work that you do not know-. [Experience story of Ayane [26-year-old office worker] ... ... I think that I am only oneself in the office on holiday work, "Ah, it's a holiday and there is no one and it's not good-", remove the bra and open It was supposed to be. However, when you put coffee and return to the desk from the hot water supply room, what a boss! (It seems that I was able to use urgently ...) I hid the bra I had in my hand with my ass and resumed my work like nothing happened! safe! Work up your job so as not to make it happen! The moment I was going to go back with Papa-pa and "Go ahead!" My boss discovers a goofy bra placed in a chair ... "What? Eh, no bra! ? Are you inviting me like this? It has been attacked .... .... Of course I disliked and refused. But somehow, it's getting better, finally ... in the end, take responsibility for making me go wrong! The filthy spirit bursts just to say so, and I squeeze my boss up to the pi of the ● port, and I did a fierce SEX while making a loud voice at a holiday office .... A spectacular 195 minutes including the episodes of three other Slut OLs