Watch Jav Online Ayachiko and Aya Hikasaki recreate the miserable affair while studying in the United States, a skillful acting actress in the adult world who performs any role from hard play. Aya is attacked by a man wearing a mask on the day before her return home. That man 's identity is the uncle who was looking after all the while studying abroad. What is the fate of Aya who is forcibly removed from clothes and violently bathed in the body?ハードプレイからどんな役柄をもこなすアダルト界の実力派女優、あやちんこと希咲あやさんがアメリカ留学中の悲惨な出来事を再現。帰国前日に覆面をかぶった男に襲われてしまうあやさん。その男の正体とは留学中ずっと面倒をみてくれていたおじさま。洋服を無理やり脱がされ乱暴にカラダ中を貪られてしまうあやさんの運命は? by