Watch Jav on line 일본 야동 사이트 Miho, an asset master daughter, commenced his career in Tokyo, Tokyo, residing by myself. when my university existence is ready to come, my father's servant, North, will go to. It changed into announced that my father was in clinic for emergency, Miho riding in a rush. dozing events are constrained in an unknown room while you word ... ... being very well insulted by using the North and fellow friends. It turned into fired from the daddy of Kita-Mamoho, and the resentment became directed to Miho. while i used to be stored fucked and released for a month, a peculiar living within the Miho 's stomach became nobody' s seed ....資産家令嬢のみほは、進学のため上京、一人暮らしを始めた。大学生活もこれからという時、父の使用人・北が訪ねてくる。父が緊急入院したと告げられ、慌てて車に乗るみほだったが…。眠らされた挙句、気が付くと分からぬ部屋に監禁され…北と輩仲間から徹底的に陵辱される。北はみほの父からクビにされ、その恨みをみほに向けていたのだ。一ヶ月に渡り犯され続け解放された時、みほのお腹には誰の種かも分からぬ子が宿っていた…。 by way of