Watch Jav online Disappearance of female expertise belonging to the entertainment office Omega. competitive investigation officer Tokuwaku Araki, unique Investigations department 2, is trying to investigate within the manner of a expertise's egg. A mystery birthday party, a 3rd-era narcotic drug "Predator", a business course ... It changed into an apricot drawing near the reality of the incident ....芸能事務所オメガに所属する女性タレントの失踪。特捜二課きっての敏腕捜査官・冴木杏樹はタレントの卵を装って潜入捜査する事に。極秘パーティー、第三世代の麻薬「プレデター」、財界ルート…事件の真相に迫る杏樹だったが…。 by using