This pick-up spot is a busy downtown where you can get super, Shinjuku goes to Kabukicho ♪ This town is crowded with many people naturally ♪ There are many beautiful girls ♪ Beautiful girl "Hina" (24 years old) who was found there The dialect of "Nakken" in Hiroshima is a very cute ~ ♪ voiced in the interview of the interview is good, but I hate a shield for the reason that "Ken waiting for friends"! As it seemed not to be sobery, it is likely to be considered as a tight character because of the distinctive features and the dialect of Hiroshima Namari, with the appearance fee being taken to the food and taken to a hotel, but it is said to be de M in fact. Sex is blessed because she broke up with her boyfriend at the end of the year, and it seems that the number of masturbation to mislead loneliness has also increased. We delay meeting time with friend and wittori ♪ of man who just met